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January 21, 2022, 03:00:24 pm
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When Reality Meets Imagination

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Author Topic: When Reality Meets Imagination  (Read 342 times)
Tala Sassaba

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« on: December 09, 2008, 01:49:29 pm »

A rainy day again Tal noted as she dressed for the day. She streched and made her way into the kitchen, she found a bowl, box of sugery ceral, and milk. She sat down and poured the milk and ceral into a bowl. She quickly sthingyed mouthfuls and chewed quickly, drinking milk from the carton. She sighed when she finally finished and quickly put everything away.

Her brothers entered the room one at a time, all except for her two werewolf brothers who were still snoring loudly in their room. She rolled her eyes. The other brothers silently made their own breakfast, not even glancing her way. Her father was the next to enter the kitchen. He glared at her. It was nothing new really. She wouldn't expect anything different.

It should be common sense to all that her father would be angry at her. He had two werewolf sons, when he wanted them all to be werewolves. Not her. She was a girl, and back in his time it was simply unheard of. A female werewolf. He'd raised his sons on the legends of their tribe, training them to be strong, while he simple ignored her and told her to do the housework with her mother. And now here she was standing there, he was the only one besides her two brothers and her pack, that knew what she was. And she knew he hated that more than he hated anything before. She grinned at him

Her mother looked up from the table warily when she shoved her feet into black boots. Her mother sat the book she was reading down on the table, glowering at her. Ever since she became a werewolf her mother wasn't on good terms with her. This was simply because she had no idea what Tal was and thought she off doing...bad things. Which she wasn't. But she wasn't allowed to tell her anything. And her father only made it harder. She knew he really hoped the pack would send her away. Exile. She hated him for that.

"Just where do you think you're going Tal?" She questioned her, brown eyes set on brown eyes.

""I'm only going for a walk mom. Don't worry. I already ate." She added, restraining herself from rolling her eyes in apparent annoyance.

"You except me to do all this work on my own forever? Just because you're a teenager does not mean you don't have responsabilities young lady!" She almost screamed.

"You should listen to your mother. Except to get yourself in loads of trouble if you disobey her again." He added, and she could see the hidden grin.

"OI! Come on!" She said in frustration. She turned and ran out the door, slamming it behind her.

She was so sick and tired of that. Being a werewolf was cool and her parents were really trying to ruin it. Well her father was anyway. And she really wished he'd swallow his stupid pride. She rolled her eyes as she ran into the forest, with a leap she'd transformed into the long haired golden brown wolf. She ran through the forest. She wanted to escape her father. Escape reality. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to dream.
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