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Kyra Blake

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Author Topic: Kyra Blake  (Read 66 times)
Kyra Blake
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« on: December 02, 2008, 11:25:35 am »

General Information:

First Name: Kyra
Middle Name: Marie
Last Name: Blake
Age/Date of Birth: 18 / One Year / April 2nd
Race: Vampire
Special Ability: None that she is aware of yet


Length: Down to the middle of her back
Color: Dark brown
Style: Usually down or in a ponytail
Color: Used to be light blue when she was human. Now her eyes are either amber or black.
Shape: Oval
Size: Small
Height: 5'5
Tattos?: None
Peircings?: Just her ears.
When she was human she had small dimples and her features were small. She has small hands and feet. Her hair was always well taken care of. She was slightly muscular for a girl. She had a peaches and cream complexion. Her head was heart shaped, and she blushed all the time. She had no freckles, and she was about average height and weight for her age.
As a vampire, like most, she is much different from her human self. Her complexion is no longer peaches and cream, instead very pale. She has shadwos under eyes, but like vampires, she is beautiful to human eyes. Her hair is always well taken care of, even as a vampire. It's slightly wavy and usually kept down.
Dressing Style:
For the most part, she tries to fit in with the human world. She wears jeans that hang just past her ankles, and a t-shirt, or tank tops that varies in colors depending on her mood. She wears sneakers most of the time, usually white or black. She wears white socks. This all depends on the weather, however. During the winter, she also tends to fit in with everyone else. She wears sweaters or turtle necks, and usually wears a simple coat over those.


Strengths: Calamity. At least when she's not drowned in her temper. She is calm and can easily drown out the bad situations. This can often reduce the stress count that many teenagers or young adults endure by paying too much attention to an arising problem. This also excuses her from many potential fights that others might get right into. Curiousness. Being curious can be both a gift and a bad thing. With being curious you gain much needed knowledge, or know something more about some things than others. This can also help you understand yourself more. Imaginative. She can dream up different places and let her creativity take her somewhere else. This way she can deal with other things and concentrate on what she wants to. Kindness. This makes it easy for her to get friends at times, and have people stand by her side. Bravery. This is somewhat like curiosity. It's both bad and good. She can try things that others wouldn't attempt and be afraid of. This can give her more experience and let her see life in a different view than others might see things
Weaknesses: She's a newborn vampire, in a way. It's hard for her to resist the smell of human blood, but that's not a character weakness. The one thing that doesn't help this is her impatience. Kyra is a very impatient girl, she likes such things as instant gratification. She believes this is now mostly due to the fact that she became a vampire, and almost everything does happen instantly. She also has a bit of a temper. When someone or something gets her mad enough, no one wants to be in her path, at least she would think so. She doesn't know how to stop, and would fight until she can't anymore, and doing anything she can to stop the thing that made her mad in the first place. She is also a bit too brave. She isn't afraid of many things, and will usually put herself in danger without thinking twice about it. She is also too curious. She tends to ask too many questions and always tries to find the answers no matter what could happen to her in the long run. She doesn't tend to think before she acts, another instant gratification thing. She thinks thinking about something will slow her down when that something could be dealt with much faster. She is also a bit overconfident in most cases, and usually doesn't see how she could ever lose a fight. At all.
Kyra is a kind girl, though since her transformation, she has become less social. She believes that she's dangerous, and tries to avoid being around a whole lot of people. She does what she wants for the most part, and likes to take charge of a situation. She likes to be near people, besides the part that she keeps away from them for their own protection. She's brave, and will usually stand up for those she really loves, no matter the danger. She's forever curious, and often gets herself into a lot of trouble. She likes to solve problems. She doesn't like to be left out, she likes to know what's going on around her. When someone threatens a friend, or she just looses her temper, it tends to stay there for a while. She's trying to learn how to control her temper more. She's both strong willed and determined, and will always try to get something she really wants, or say what she believes needs to be said. She tends to act a little childish, and not always take things seriously. She's also very imaginative and tends to spend a lot of her time daydreaming, rather than always paying attention.


Mother: Keely Winters Blake (41, Fantasy Writer)
Father: Scott Blake (48, Journalist)
Grandmother: Lila Rose Winters (62, Housewife)
Grandfather: Steven Winters (65, Retired Actor)
Grandmother: Carol Green Blake (42, Singer, deceased)
Grandfather: Noel Blake (42, Singer, deceased)
Spouse?: No
Children?: No
Other Relatives:
Sister: Sarah Blake (24, deceased)
Brother: Timothy Blake (22, deceased)
Sister: Karen Blake (20, deceased)
Brother: Kenneth Blake (18, Vampire)

Before Birth:

Life was going great for Carol and Noel Blake. They had two children, both boys. The two had met when Noel's family came and visited America. The two were seventeen and it was love at first sight for them. After a month of meeting they engaged and married right away. They bought a house, using Noel's parent's money, in New York. The young couple lived in Brooklyn, Coney Island, living in a small place right by the water. It wasn't long before they were discovered and their career gave way. The were both very good at what they did, talented from a very young age, acting and singing. Before long everyone knew their name. After a year, they had a son. They named Charles. Everyone knew Charles soon enough. Then came their next son Scott. The children were very popular in the press. A rich well known family that everyone wanted to know.
Then Scott turned sixteen and Keely. Love at first sight again. This made the press very interested in their relationship. Keely was poor, and raised on a farm with her parents. As she'd grown older, she'd tried some odd jobs to help pay for the family. Now she was deep in love.
They married only a month after they met, just like Scott's parents. They moved away, back to Brooklyn and away from the press. They hoped. Nine months later they had a little girl. They named her Sarah.
Sarah was the center of everyone's attention. She was spoiled from birth. Her parents dressed her in frilly dresses and walked her everyday. But they couldn't escape the press in New York.
Two years after his sister's birth came Timothy. Just like Sarah, Timothy was spoiled and thrown into the papers several times.
Now it was time for the grandparent's to step in.
Carol and Noel was ashamed of their son's family. His son had become a journalist, and they agreed that their children needed to be raised the right way. Resentfully, the couple gave up their children.
They moved to Washington, in a very small town far away from Seattle. They hoped the press wouldn't find them there.
Two years later the couple had another child, Karen. They loved her and gave her whatever they could, while pursuing their careers.
Another two years later and the couple gave birth to a set of twins. First came Kenneth, then came Kyra.


Kyra was the loud baby, Kenneth the shy quiet one. Karen loved to play with the two babies, she considered them as dolls and loved to help dress them with her mother. The three often played together, Karen was always with their mother to help care for the twins. They were smaller than other babies, but this only made it more fun for little Karen.
Three years later Karen was off to school. The babies and Karen hated to be apart from eachother during the school day. Kenneth and Kyra often cried when she was gone and would eagerly wait for their sister to step back into the house. Their mother was almost always busy now that the kids were growing older. She was always behind her desk with pads of paper and pencils everywhere. She would only pause to yell at them. Their father wasn't very different, usually trying to keep pace with the papers. So Karen spent most of her time caring for the twins. She spent all of her time at home, rather than at friend's birthday parties and sleepovers.
The twins grew steadily older. The never wanted to be seerated. As time went on, it was obvious they had very different personalities. Kenneth liked to play by himself and keep quiet unless he was around his sister's. He was book smart and enjoyed history and other areas of education. He often wanted to be a teacher of doctor, even at a very young age.
Kyra liked to talk and play, read and write, and be around people all the time. She got on best with Karen and usually enjoyed playing dress up with her older sibling.
It was very rare for any of the children to see their dad's parents. But it was very often they saw Grandma Lila and Grandpa Steven. They grew a fast relationship with them.
Now they were teenagers. Kyra and Kenneth sixteen, Karen eighteen. Kyra was often considered the odd one out and rarely had any friends. She was almost always at home, or at Karen's new house. Karen, now eighteen, decided to get a place of her own in Seattle. Since Seattle was far away, she was rarely able to visit her. She was always with Kenneth, when he wasn't at some school activity, or taking extra classes to learn more about his medical field. Over the years, he'd decided to be a doctor. And already, he was very good at it. Kyra felt she wasn't good at anything. She wasn't a great signer, dancer, writer, or anything really. Instead she spent as much time as she could with a book stuffed in her face.
Now she was eighteen. And she was visiting her grandparent's in Hollywood. Well, actually, they were on their way. Their grandparents, Scott's parents, rode in an airplane, the kids, including Karen with them. They just barely got in the air, then the pilot's lost control and the plane landed, or crashed to the ground.
A vampire found the twins, the only ones alive, but nearing death at the time and bit them. He brought them away from the public eye, into a small cottage in the woods.
Pain shot through them, until they were awake. Or dead, more likely. The vampire who created them was long gone, and the twin's were on their own.

Vampire Year:

Newborn year. The worst year. Following their thirst, the twin's killed. Animals were the closest, the easiest to kill. But they couldn't resist when a human made their way through the forest.
Silently the twins made their way through Washington, stranding away as humans as much as possible. Slowly, they found themselves in Forks, Washington. They settled in the Hoh forest, making sure to stay away from people.
A few months old. Kyra ran into another vampire, one who didn't drink human's blood. Over time he taught them to do the same thing, and over time they were slowly adjusting.
Of course she didn't know that everything was really all wrong and that her brother, her twin, didn't share her opinion. The two were opposites, and now this was about to show. He didn;t want to fight against the thirst, preferring the taste of human blood far too much to ever give it up. This only led to an argument, and with that argument, her twin left her to search the lands alone. Without her. And soon after, the vampire who taugh them was about to leave just as well, leaving her alone to confront her worries and fears, without anyone by her side. She had to deal with the thirst without her twin.
Kyra is now a year old.


Pets: None
Coven/Pack: The Forks Coven / Currently a Nomad or traveling alone
School: None at the moment
Position: None at the moment
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