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Twilight Amore

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Author Topic: Twilight Amore  (Read 65 times)
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« on: December 03, 2008, 12:29:32 pm »

I've recently joined this site and it looks pretty good!

T W I L I G T  A M O R E
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Twilight Amore is a brand new roleplay site based on the Twilight Books by Stephenie Meyer. We offer a great layout, kind atmosphere and a fresh, exciting plot. The site is intermediate and the members are amazing. So please do check it out!

So you thought that everything was fine now. That the troubles were over. That Edward and Bella were going to live happily ever after in their very own fairytale.

Well, think again.


Alice and Jasper are back. Bella and Edward have a lovely hybrid daughter named Renesmee, nicknamed Nessie by Jacob. Carlisle has acquired new interest in the real werewolves and the discovery of hybrids, and spends a vast majority of his time behind the great, mahogany desk in his study researching. Esme flutters about, spending her time with redecorating the house, and trying to calm down after being so worried about her family's encounter with the italian royalty. Emmet is planning on an arm-wrestling rematch with Bella, and Rosalie is.. well, Rosalie.

Everything seems to have gone back to normal, but should the Cullens really be so quick to turn their backs on the Volturi? We all know the Volturi are not ones to give up too easily. Especially Caius is greatly troubled by their humiliating defeat against a clan of vegetarians. The Volturi's superior power over the vampire world is slowly crumbling. More and more immortals gather who resist the italian covens grip. In all secrecy Vladimir and Stefan have siezed this opportunity, their centuries long grudge not soon forgotten. On Iceland they assemble, and plot to overthrow the Volturi's rule with the two ancient brothers at the head. They have done an explicit job of keeping it hush hush so far, but rumors are spreading.

Humans have started disappearing from Forks and the surrounding area, but rumors do not tell of this problem, though it is expected that they are being turned to aid the rebel vampires. And as if there isn't enough on everyones minds, a few moon shifting werwolves have showed up. But are these newcomers friend or foe? Will the rebels overthrow the ancient coven? Are Bella, Alice and Edward all that safe from the greedy Volturi? Only one thing is for certain; the mythical world is on the verge of full fledged war.

It's time to pick a side.

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