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1  La Push / The Woods / When Reality Meets Imagination on: December 09, 2008, 01:49:29 pm
A rainy day again Tal noted as she dressed for the day. She streched and made her way into the kitchen, she found a bowl, box of sugery ceral, and milk. She sat down and poured the milk and ceral into a bowl. She quickly sthingyed mouthfuls and chewed quickly, drinking milk from the carton. She sighed when she finally finished and quickly put everything away.

Her brothers entered the room one at a time, all except for her two werewolf brothers who were still snoring loudly in their room. She rolled her eyes. The other brothers silently made their own breakfast, not even glancing her way. Her father was the next to enter the kitchen. He glared at her. It was nothing new really. She wouldn't expect anything different.

It should be common sense to all that her father would be angry at her. He had two werewolf sons, when he wanted them all to be werewolves. Not her. She was a girl, and back in his time it was simply unheard of. A female werewolf. He'd raised his sons on the legends of their tribe, training them to be strong, while he simple ignored her and told her to do the housework with her mother. And now here she was standing there, he was the only one besides her two brothers and her pack, that knew what she was. And she knew he hated that more than he hated anything before. She grinned at him

Her mother looked up from the table warily when she shoved her feet into black boots. Her mother sat the book she was reading down on the table, glowering at her. Ever since she became a werewolf her mother wasn't on good terms with her. This was simply because she had no idea what Tal was and thought she off doing...bad things. Which she wasn't. But she wasn't allowed to tell her anything. And her father only made it harder. She knew he really hoped the pack would send her away. Exile. She hated him for that.

"Just where do you think you're going Tal?" She questioned her, brown eyes set on brown eyes.

""I'm only going for a walk mom. Don't worry. I already ate." She added, restraining herself from rolling her eyes in apparent annoyance.

"You except me to do all this work on my own forever? Just because you're a teenager does not mean you don't have responsabilities young lady!" She almost screamed.

"You should listen to your mother. Except to get yourself in loads of trouble if you disobey her again." He added, and she could see the hidden grin.

"OI! Come on!" She said in frustration. She turned and ran out the door, slamming it behind her.

She was so sick and tired of that. Being a werewolf was cool and her parents were really trying to ruin it. Well her father was anyway. And she really wished he'd swallow his stupid pride. She rolled her eyes as she ran into the forest, with a leap she'd transformed into the long haired golden brown wolf. She ran through the forest. She wanted to escape her father. Escape reality. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to dream.
2  Discovery / Accepted Applications / Tala Sassaba on: December 09, 2008, 06:54:51 am
General Information:

First Name: Tala
Middle Name: Tainia
Last Name: Sassaba
Age/Date of Birth: 16 / March 14th
Race: Werewolf
Special Ability:


Hair: black hair that reaches past her back
Eyes: small oval shaped light brown eyes
Height: 5'4
Tattos?: None
Peircings?: None
As a human, Tala could be called pretty, in a few people's terms. She is slender with some muscle, and small dimples when she smiles. Her hair is always well taken care of, one hundred strokes at least once every day. She has a heart shaped head with small features, her hands, feet, and facial features are all very small. Of course, she is gaining height fast. When she was more normal, she was actually really short for her age, but with this growth spurt, she is now average in height. Her features are all delicate and fragile, she looks like she could easily get hurt.
In her werewolf form, is rather smaller than most of the werewolves. Especially the boys. She has long hair, as she refuses to cut it, so it gets out of hand in her werewolf form. Her fur is a golden brown color.
Dressing Style:
She's not too picky, as long as it makes her look nice she'll wear it. She usualy prefers pink shirts, sweaters, and tutlenecks. But she'll go for something else if need be. She also wears blue jeans, usually long. She even wears a blue jean jacket much of the time, though it's really not needed as hardly anything is cold to her anymore. She wears white and black sneakers with white socks.


Strengths: kindness, natural leader, good at preventing fights (Will finish later)
Weaknesses: confidence, boys, getting angry fast, not always being able to fit in
Overall Tala is a kind, and very passionate person. She is very strong willed and very determined. She throws herself into everything she enjoys, especially when it comes to reading a good book, or writing. She's not very good at expressing her emotions outloud, and often uses a diary or journal instead. When she doesn't like something, she often keeps it inside and doesn't like to tell anyone. She's good at keeping to herself. She's a good listener, and will often stand by someone. If they are angry or just plain sad, she loves to be there to listen and offer any advice she can.
Tala doesn't like to hurt people, and while she can't fully control herself yet, she distances herself from those people. All except her pack. She feels it's for their safety more than anything. Tala is one of those rare people who actually love that she's a werewolf. She loves the nature and adventure and has always dreamnt of something really cool like this happening. She finds it as the most amazing thing ever.
So, Tala is a never ending day dreamer. She likes to make fantasies in her head. And she loves to be creative. One outlet for that creativity, is her writing. She loves to write, and often writes stories she hopes to one day become published. She loves fantasy. Often times, when she has a little bit of extra time, you'll see her with a book shoved in her face, or her hand scribbling down words on a piece of paper.
She's also the leader type. She's not afraid to take charge of a situation that gets out of hand. No matter the danger. More than that, she's very brave. She's not afraid to stick up for her friends or family if they are in danger. No matter what.


Mother: Kachina Keme Sassaba (45, housewife)
Father: Mingan Sassaba (50, In the counsel?)
Grandmother: Kim Sweu Sassaba (Housewife)
Grandfather: Ming Sassaba (Werewolf)
Brother: Mowanza Sassaba (20, Werewolf)
Brother: Okena Sassaba (20, Human, Works at a tourist shop)
Brother: Shilah Sassaba (19, Human, Works with Okena)
Brother: Shonka Sassaba (18, Werewolf)
Spouse?: Noope
Children?: None

Tala was born and raised in one place, La Push. Her life revolved around the legends, stories, and the reservation she lived in.
She is the only daughter of her family.
When Tala was born, youngest child to the Sassaba family, her parents instantly loved her. Mostly because she was the only female in the long line of males in the Sassaba family. And she hardly cried, unless she really needed something. For the most part Tala was very kind, and quiet.
She was the last of the Sassaba family to finally go to school. She loved being in the La Push school. She loved to learn, and she loved to gain new friends. When she was around her friends she just couldn't stop talking and giggling like the rest of the girl's. She loved to be around people and nature most of all. Her brothers often teased her when they met at school, often embarresing her around her friends. But, of course, when other people tried to do the same to their little sister, they were instantly protective of her.
The one person she was closest to was her brother, Shonka, whose name means dog. He was the nicest, and often stood up for her in front of their siblings when they decided to tease her. Because of this, he was often beaten up by the rest of his siblings, while Tala tried to push and shove them off of her older brother.
At ten, Tala was very short for her age, and thoight boys had cooties. Shonka had the least amount, but she still knew not to get too close to him for fear of catching the horrible virus everyone else seemed afraid of. Which only made him want to be around her more.
Her mother loved Tala, seeing a lot of herself in her only daughter. She often told stories about her parents and her ancestors. Tala was always interested in hearing the stories of her family, especially her father's side of the family. Of course, her father rarely included her in the story time. He usually only told these legends to her brothers. Tala hated it. Her father often told her she should focus on more girlish things, like cleaning and cooking.
And so, at thirteen, her mother was always shoving Tala into the kitchen to help with dinner, lunch, breakfast and everything else. And she was also forced to do most of the house cleaning. Whenever she could get out she spent her time with her older brother, Shonka, and loved to go swimming, evnen though the water happened to be very cold. She liked to join the boys in things like cliff diving and running through the reservation. Her father didn't think a girl should behave the way she did.
He was often grounding her, but she often found her own ways of sneaking outside whenever she could.
Around this time her eldest brother was becoming more distant from the rest of the siblings. This could be very odd, for her brother was always with his brothers. And often even with Tala. He distanced himself from just about everyone. Except for a group of boys who kept to themselves. This only seemed to increase, as well as the population of the boys, and now even a few girls, that hung around eachother. Her brother was always out during the night, and she often tried to follow. She was always shoved away.
Then her youngest, but older brother, Shonka, was doing the exact same thing. After a sudden growth spurt from them both, the two were suddenly very close. Even their father seemed very proud of his two sons. No one ever seemed to pay much attention to her anymore.
Sixteen is her most memerable year, and the current age she is now. This is the age where the family secrets are sent down to her. She was growing at a rapid pace, and sometimes felt ill. No one paid her any mind, so she was stuck worrying on her own. So, one day, out of frustration, she countered Shonka and demanded to know why he was avoiding her and everyone else. He wouldn't answer and she was sent into an uncontrollable rage. With that rage came something that would forever change her life. She turned into a werewolf, or a monster, she called it. And she could suddenly hear several shouts, mostly males.
Then came the explanations. She was told what she was, and the boys sounded strange. Almost worried. She soon found out it was because she was girl. And girls were really not supposed to become a werewolf. But, of course, she believed it, and she even thought of it as the single coolest thing that had ever happened to her. Now she's enjoying her life as a werewolf.


Skah: male. A white cat.
Ayasha: female. A small black and white kitten.
Coven/Pack: Paul's for now
School: La Push High School
Position: Werewolf Protecting?

Roleplay Sample:
The thing Tal probably hated the most about being a werewolf was that she never seemed to get enough sleep. And Tal liked to sleep. Like a lot. She ran through the La Push forest, her really long golden brown fur seemed to just weigh her down with each step. She shut her eyes to the thoughts of everyone else. Sometimes she really hated being read like a book. Sometimes being a werewolf wasn't the best thing in the world for her. But. With all reality. Tal still loved it. She was an animal. A beautiful, strong creature that could protect people. Who wouldn't want such power?

She ran out of the forest, jumping, she transformed back into the human girl she really was. Slender body, light brown eyes, and darker skin. She grinned to herself. Who would know what she was? Even if they did guess what the boys were, who would guess that little Tala was a werewolf? A thing that most people would only see in their nightmares. Not too many people. She remembered when she was the shortest one in class. Not anymore. Thanks to her increasing growth she was now average. She couldn't help the grin.

Walking down mainstreet she heard a voice. She blinked several times. Someone was singing? Who was singing? And she did have a pretty voice. But then agan, she thought most girls had a pretty voice. She walked faster, she wondered, only for a split second, if the cold ones had passed through treaty lines. She dug her hands far into the depths of her light jean jacket.

Today she wore a pink long tank top with a light blue jeaned jacket covering it. She also wore a pair of white slacks that fell down past her ankles, covering a pair of black boots. Her hair was down, as was normal for Tala. Besides, it kept her warmer. And she secretly thought that it looked prettier that way. And though she would never admit to it in front of anyone, she liked pretty things. That's why she liked this girl already. A pretty song and a pretty voice.

She paused when she saw the girl. She tilted her head to the side to better examine the girl. What was that she was listening to? She dimly remembered hearing about iPods. Not something she was overly interested in. She could sing. And she could hear other people sing. Without the need of such a thing. The girl, in her opinion, didn't seem like she belonged in La Push. And seeing as she'd lived here her entire life, she was beyond sure she would be able to place the girl.

She knew everyone in La Push, really. Well, not personally, but she knew all the faces. And she'd never seen this particular face. She shrugged it off. The newer the better. Then she frowned. That meant she couldn't mention she was a werewolf. But she wanted to. She shook her head and took the few steps she needed to before speaking to the girl.

"Hello." She said softly. "I don't remember seeing you around. Who are you?" She asked, hoping she didn't sound too nosy or anything. But really, how often did she get to meet someone new here? She grinned. "I'm Tala Sassaba. But you can call me Tal." She added, most people did anyway.
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