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Title: Life Dances Through Us All (Open)
Post by: Alice Cullen on December 14, 2008, 10:55:42 am
Alice sighed, boredom ringing through her ears. It had been almost two full weeks before she last hunted, so instead of the butterscotch color her eyes should be, they were now a thirsty black. But she didn't have to worry about that much anymore. Bella was no longer a human. And Jacob Black, the pup, didn't sound very appeasing. And neither did Nessie. Since both were halfbreeds, the human parts of them didn't smell nearly as good as Bella had when she was a human. So, it was something she could deal with.

But this boredom thing was NOT something she could easily deal with. She was in the garage hungrily eying the yellow porche that sat just inches from her body. She had been sitting on the concrete of the grage for hours now, sitting perfectly still until that sigh had escaped those dead lips of hers.

She hated being bored. She wanted to do something fun. Suddenly, a very strange and odd thought entered her brain, she suddenly wanted to go to school. Even though she already knew everything, got all "A"s in her classes and was even smarter than her teachers, she couldn't help but miss always having something to do. Sort of. She always had to move around, act human, and think. And she had to deal with the smells of the humans. Suddenly, high school sounded like tons more fun that just sitting in her spot eyeing the wonderous car she couldn't drive yet. But she would. When she hunted again.

She grumbled and stood up. Stood up at an inhuman pace, of course. She grinned at the thought as she walked, or well in Alice movement it was mostly a dance, really. So, she danced from the garage, her eyes looking about the room with some sort of hope that she'd find something fun to do. She suddenly wished there was a party. That way pixielike Alice would have something so much fun to do.

For something more fun to do than just dance around the house she danced to her bedroom....well bedroom excluding the bed. Since she was a vampire. And vampires just didn't sleep. Now that she thought about it, though, a pretty bed couldn't hurt. For looks sake on any account. She smiled and made it to her wardrobe.

She loved her wardrobe. It contained tons of pretty, new things, she would love to change into. Which was exactly what was on Alice's mind. With a wide grin she decided not to follow the clothing's scent. No, she would act human and actually search for things. Just for something to do. After several minutes of searching, she decided to stop. She shook her head as she wondered exactly how a human could do that. How they actually had to look for something. She shook her head again. Good thing she wasn't human. In fact, she didn't even remember being human.

Using her extra senses she found a decent pink tank top that made her pale skin and pixelike features really stand out. She grinned at herself as she put on a pair of pink slacks. Sure, they wouldn't be white forever. But, then again, she never planned on wearing them again. Alice never wore the same clothing more than once.

When she was finished she eyed her wardrobe with a dark look in her black eyes. Oh! She needed to go shopping again. She smirked as she thought about forcing Bella...and maybe if she was lucky, Rose too, to go shopping with her. Oh! Maybe they could even go somewhere out of Washington all together! In a big city. Sure, she would have to use her vision to see when the weather would be alright to do it. But she couldn't help but think about it! It would be so muccch fun and she'd spend hours and hours there.

With a smile on her lips she danced down the stairs to the living room. She searched the room hoping that she would see Jazz there. Her Jazz. She smiled again. She was so happy that her visions lead her to him. So very happy. In fact, she was sure she wouldn't even trade mortality for him. Nothing for him.