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Title: Alice Cullen
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General Information:

First Name: Mary
Middle Name: Alice
Last Name: Brandon Cullen
Age/Date of Birth: 104/ 1901
Race: Vegitarian Vampire
Special Ability: Future / Visions


Hair: Short, black, spikey
Eyes: Small, golden, sometimes black. Used to be brown.
Height: 4'10
Tattos?: No
Peircings?: No
Alice is a small girl, often considered small, petite and pixielike to some people. On the outside she may appear to be a fragile girl, a young fragile girl. But she isn't. She has short black hair modled into spikes that point from many directions. She has very small features, small nose, eyes, face, hands, and feet. Even her eyebrows look delicate to the touch.
As a human her eyes were once a brown color, since turning into a vampire her eyes changed from several different shades. At the start, her eyes were a bright red. Later, after changing her diet, her eyes turned into a butterscotch yellow, but when she's thirsty that changes to a black.
Dressing Style:
How does she dress? She's very fashionable. She loves to dress up and loves to shop. She makes sure all of her family are dressed good. She likes to look pretty, or more likely she likes to have pretty clothes. You will never purposefully find Alice wearing the same clothes twice. No, she believes that she needs a new pair of clothing every single day. And so does her family. She goes all out when it comes to a dance, wearing a really pretty dress and putting on makeup, though she must admit, she rather perfers someone else to apply this torture on.


Strengths: Soon, listing for now
Visions, it helps and it hinders
Having her mind being read like an open book
Setting up parties
Making sure people look good for outings
Keeping secrets
Weaknesses: Soon, listing for now
Being small and petite, most people don’t think she can handle herself!
Sometimes seeing into the future
Only being able to see visions when someone makes a decision
Dressing up, she just can’t stop!
Alice is a strong willed sort of girl. She likes to be able to get her way and be able to get what she wants, especially if it’s in yellow porche form. She knows that most of the time she does get her way, and rarely anyone bets against her, thanks to her almighty visions. But more than that, she is strong and she doesn’t really like to be looked at as if she were some fragile little pixie. Yes, she knows that’s what her body looks like, but that’s just not her. She believes that she can take care of herself, and will be easy to defend herself in an argument.
But there’s more to little Alice than that. She’s a good secret keeper. Even from her older brother, who just happens to be able to read minds. After so many years of living with him, Alice has become quiet an expert on humming random songs in her head when she wants to keep something from her brother. If she wants something kept a secret, not even a mind reader can know just what she’s keeping! Though, she does have her little slip ups, of course.
However, Alice is not unkind. She is a very caring and passionate girl. She is all for protecting those that are close to her dead heart. She’s not afraid to protect them if it comes to that. So, she can be very brave. Though, on rare account, her husband Jasper is far more important. Especially more important than her. If she knew she about to die, she would make sure that he was protected first. She wouldn’t want him to go down too.
But more than that, she has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. It can’t be hard to want to be friends with little Alice almost as soon as meeting her. Well, unless you’re a human unlike Bella. Then you may feel a little intimidated. She’s very hyper active and loves to play dress up, you being her little dolly. She loves to do makeovers, and isn’t afraid of dragging you to a chair and forcing you down, then applying the makeup and the everything else. So, really, Alice is just one of those girls who just love to have fun!


Carlisle Cullen
Esme Cullen
Grandparents:Don't know
Spouse?: Jasper Hale
Children?: None
Alice was born in 1901, presumably in Mississippi, though no one can know for sure. Alice doesn’t remember her past as a human, lost when she became a vampire. Though, she was being held in an asylum for a length of time, for being able to see premonitions. In the early 1920’s, when another vampire heard about James he took Alice and transformed her, and James killed him instead of Alice. And this is when the story really starts, and this is the day she was really born.
Like in her human form, Alice has the gift of sight. So, Alice was left alone to learn of her stronger visions and learn about being a vampire, period. Not too much is known about Alice’s journey through the years. The story doesn’t really start until Alice has a vision of a man named Jasper in 1948. She went and found Jasper in a bar. Jasper followed her; he had been searching for some sort of help. All provided by Alice. Another vision and she saw the Cullen’s family.
So now, she met the Cullen’s family, now 1950. The two vampires joined the Cullen's coven. a coven of vampires who refused to drink human blood. Alice got along well enough with the family, easily fitting into the daily routine and even the diet. Jasper, however, was having a much rougher time with his diet, and he usually had to keep as much distance as possible from their normal diet; humans. Of course, this wasn’t enough to stop Alice from loving Jasper and they were married. The Cullen’s family for a time lived with the Danali coven, all of whom became close friends to the vegetarian Cullen’s. Both covens were vegetarians.
But, fitting in with the human’s could last only so long. The family moved to Forks, Washington. A place where they resided once before without Alice or Jasper. They were bound by a treaty and followed by it flawlessly, never setting foot in treaty limits. This peacefulness lasted only so long, and soon enough life for the Cullen’s would be tested by a mere human presence.
A new girl, Bella Swan, had moved to Forks. Her brother, Edward, often talked about how harsh her smell was. So delightful and so hard to resist. Harder than anything else. He left the family without a word, but Alice saw it as soon as he’d made his decision. But, as she had thought, he came back, and again she was warned of his arrival the moment he made the decision to come back. Alice was happy, she loved having Edward around. He was her favorite brother, as Alice was his favorite sister.
But Edward was struggling and trying to make friendly with the girl. He was in too deep. When she was about to be squished by a minivan he’d ran to his rescue. And the girl knew too much from that moment on. Everyone wanted to kill her and get her out of the way. Life would continue without the girl. Even Jasper was agreeing. However, upon seeing a cold slated future for the Bella girl, she persuaded them to let her be. She offered that she would love the girl soon, and they decided against her death. What she was saw was two possible futures; Bella dead in Edward’s own arms in his hidden meadow, or her and Bella intertwined as best of friends, or rather sisters, both vampires. Edward refused to believe it.
Alice fumed, in her head, of course, over the fact that Edward was being so stubborn. She couldn’t see why he would do that to her, knowing that she too, would love Bella. She wanted more than anything that the vampire future came true. Her brother couldn’t be stubborn for too long, though, and she was happy to find that out. He was watching over the girl in her sleep and following her at school, even on a sunny day, in the shade of the forest, of course. And her visions were becoming more clear again. The same possibilities were presenting themselves.
Alice saw it happen in her vision, and she wasn’t fast enough. She saw the uncoming men and phoned Edward as soon as she saw it. He already knew and soon saved the girl. When her brother got home she told him that she saw what he said. That he told Bella more than she should know. Not that Alice minded. She knew it was only a matter of time before she was friends with the human girl. She kept the secret until the next school day, in which they heard Edward’s and Bella’s conversation. Seeing a vision, she knew it was better to tell Rose, or she’d be even worse and destroy Edward’s car.
So, everyone knew. Even the human Bella. And it wasn’t long after that when Alice finally got to meet the girl, after days and weeks of asking Edward. He finally allowed it. And she couldn’t be more pleased. She liked Bella even before Bella knew her. Thanks to her visions.
Life couldn’t be happy forever and ever, though. There was bound to be some sort of trouble. And there was. During a fun game of baseball, vampire style, she saw a vision of carnivore vampires stopping in on their game. And Bella was with the Cullen’s. Trouble began and James, one of the carnivores wanted Bella. They hid Bella away, Jasper and Alice. But Alice was too late in seeing what was going to happen. Bella escaped them at the airport, and they had to go save her if it wasn’t too late. She was hurt. They killed James. Bella had been bitten, and Alice liked that. But Edward was able to suck out the poison. And soon Bella was healed. Enough.
And now the prom. Her favorite time when she got to shine. She was permitted to use Bella as her own human Barbie doll, and dressed her up for the prom. They made their way and it was a fantastic night really. Her job on Bella’s looks were perfect. But she wanted to buy more outfits for her new Barbie doll. But dolls only remained unharmed for so long. She cut her finger and suddenly her husband wanted Bella. Edward and Emmett were able to stop it, but the damage was done. Alice took Jasper and left. And Edward left Bella. The rest of the Cullen’s left their place.
It wasn’t until she saw a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff to meet her end did she run off to see her friend after months of isolation. She was lucky and Bella was alive, but not without a scolding Alice style. Another vision that could change their life..or death forever. Edward was going to kill himself, or rather he was going to get the volturi to do it for him. She took Bella with a quick explanation and made it to Italy, constantly watching the future.
She had Bella run through the sunny crowds, afraid for herself, Bella, and Edward. She knew it could end badly. Bella got to Edward, but the Volturi wasn’t done with them…yet. The verdict, transform Bella or else. They were lucky. They made it through once more. And Bella and her brother were back together again. Everything was fine, at least for now.
Wow. Trouble really did follow Bella. Victoria was back, but so was another threat. A more dangerous threat. It soon became clear that her husband was needed. It was his history that the danger lied in. Victoria was controlling a bunch of newborns in order to get to Bella. And them in return. And they couldn’t do it alone. The werewolf pups had to help, and training was in session. Of course, she didn’t mind showing off that she was strong enough to handle herself. Or well, fast enough on any account. She was able to show off her abilities in front of the wolves, even.
Bella had her brother stay out of the fight. But they were no longer outnumbered and the fight wasn’t completely lost. They battled and in the end they won. Edward and Bella had it tougher. Where Victoria and a newborn met them. They were able to kill the newborn and Victoria and the fight was over with no losses on their side. The Volturi came only in time to kill off one newborn who had surrendered. . .
Happy news followed this event. She saw a vision of her brother and Bella being engaged. They told Charlie and everything was good. She couldn’t wait for Bella’s wedding. She was able to do ALL the planning and setting up. She had to be the happiest person in the world. Setting up a party was her thing, surely. She decorated everything and she was so happy with how it all turned out. She added the finishing touches, dressing up Bella. Even though she knew Bella was going to be stubborn about the whole thing. She sure could be stubborn. It was a super success. The happy couple was married and Bella was officially her sister in law! Her sister!
They went on their honey moon and Bella came home…pregnant? It was the first Alice had ever heard of such thing. And Bella wasn’t about to let them help her get it out! And she couldn’t see the future, it was all mumble jumbled! She was worried for her new sister. She didn’t want it to end bad. Day by day she got worse and worse, the Jacob wolf was around often. And nothing seemed to be helping. Bella was slipping away from their fingers. Until they thought of blood. The baby wanted to drink blood. Bella was getting a little better.
The baby was delivered safely, and Edward’s venom ran through her sister in law’s veins. She grinned as she could see her future..and she was having lots of fun keeping it all from Edward. HA! Then her sister in law was reborn into a beautiful vampire. She officially joined Alice’s family. She was so happy! She couldn’t help it. Edward couldn’t stop her vision from coming true after all.
But things weren’t always going to be good. Now the Volturi was involved. And she had to leave them in a sudden hurry, bringing confused Jasper with her. She left a few clues that she hoped Bella would follow. She could keep an eye out for them. She traveled around the place, sending vampires to help defend the Cullen’s, while attempting to find some sort of proof that would stop this fight. And then she came across it. Another half and half.
She brought him, his aunt, and another vampire with her. Jasper to, of course. And they made it just in time to save their family. The halfbreed told his story saving her niece’s and the rest of her family’s life. She was forever grateful. The Volturi left them be, and, of course, with her sister’s nasty temper. She was still mad at her. She was able to settle her sister down, and begin a hopefully, peaceful vampire life with her and the rest of the family.


Pets: Not unless you'd count her husband
Coven/Pack: The Olypmic Coven
School: Forks High School, Graduated
Position: Vampire?