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Title: Kinta Mai Ryou (Alyssa's)
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General Information:

First Name: Kinta
Middle Name: Mai
Last Name: Ryou
Age/Date of Birth: 16 / One Hundred Years / June 4th
Race: Vampire
Special Ability: Telekenesis / Can move things


Color: Black
Length: Past the middle of her back
Style: Down or in a well kept bun
Color: Red
Size: Small
Shape: Almond
Height: 5'2
Tattos?: None
Peircings?: None
From first sight Kinta may look like a feeble, fragile girl, but once you look closer that thought is erased. She is skinny, and short for her age, but that never stopped her. As a human her skin was a tanned color, now, however, she is pale with a tint of that tan still leftover. She is muscular and very flexiable. Whenever she smiles there are very small dimples, and her eyes have a glowing appereance to them. She always takes very good care of her hair, always making sure it shines before she ever leaves it. She likes to keep it down, as she likes the feel of her hair against her back. She is very slendy, and very curvy. To a human, she would surely catch their eye. She has a round shaped head, and very small features. Some people may call her a porcelian doll, due to her mouth, nose, and eyes being so small. She has full lips, that she used to put a red colored lipstick, sort of, to them. Though, since becoming a vampire, she'd left that behind her. Her fingernails are long and always kept sharp.
Dressing Style:
She always wears either black or red. Rare exceptions to that fact. Due to where she belongs she always wears a cloak over her figure, which fits her figure perfectly to show off her curves. Under that cloak she usually wears a pair of black colored robes, always in perfect condition, even though no one else ever sees them. She wears a pair of sturdy sandals, never does she wear socks. Unless it's winter. Sometimes during the summer, she will put her hair up into a very well kept bun, not a strand out of place, unless that's what she wants of course.


One of her strongest strengths is that she can flirt very well. A century to perfect it, well, it has it up sides. She can easily get someone to follow her, her favorite prey would be humans. Beyond that she has a lot more character strengths. On of them, at least she considers, would be her strong will and determination. If she wants something she will make sure she'll get it. No matter what would stand in her way, she would never be afraid to face it. She is also brave, and therefore, she won't let anything get in her way. And if she does fear something she will always try to overcome those fears. Like she had to when she became a vampire in the first place. Though, hardly anyone sees it through her false facade, she really is nice once you get to know her. She's friendly, and will love to chat. Though, since becoming a vampire she's far more secretive with herself and doesn't let everyone in that easily. Another would be calamity, she can easily stay calm as long as she needs. Years of concentration and learning had taught her to keep her cool, and settle down before things could ever get out of hand.


Mother: Kate Snow Ryou (40, deceased)
Father: Alec Ryou (45, Farmer, deceased)
Grandmother: Ivy Night White (35, deceased)
Grandfather: Simon White (80, retired Farmer, deceased)
Grandmother: Linda Daye Ryou (66, deceased)
Grandfather: Marcus Ryou (67, Farmer, deceased)
Spouse?: No
Children?: Nope
Other Relatives:
Sister: Crystal Ryou (14, deceased)
Brother: Kyle Ryou (18, deceased)

Before Birth:

An arranged marriage between farmer's families. Motherless Kate, (her mother died giving birth to her), met Alec at five years of age when the arranged marriage was sealed as a promise between the two families. Alec was always rude, mean, and loved to get whatever it was that he wanted. Kate grew to resent him as she grew up, choosing to scowl whenever her parents thought to bring her over to meet him. Always dressed in her best too! The years flew by, she dreaded every moment it got closer to the day she would have to marry him.

So, now Kate was fourteen, and Alec nineteen. The day of their wedding would have been a beautiful one for Kate if she were to marry someone would she love. Marriage was supposed to be something special, at least to young Kate. She was embarressed to tell her friends that she was married to him. He'd gained a rather bad reputation at school with the teachers and her friends. She hated to have to be with him. And he wasn't exactly fond of her either. He liked the way she looked, and that was all. She was forced to stay indoors all hours of the long day. She hated it more than anything else in the world.

Only nine months after her marriage to Alec she had a son, Alec named him Kyle. Though this was a very uncommon name in that time and place, he found it rather, fitting for his only son. He paid all the attention he could possible to his son. Well, besides when it came to taking care of him. No. He left that with his wife. Kyle grew up with lots of love from his mother, and he was never really close to his father due to the time his father rarely spent with him as an infant.

Two years later, Kinta was born, she gained her name through her father's liking of making odd names.

Before Vampire Years:

As soon as she was born it was easy to tell her father didn't actually like her. At all. He scowled at her whenever he'd happened in the room she was being cared for in. He hated it whnever their mother put the two children together. It was obvious Alec never wanted a girl. He wanted all boys, and was afraid having his only son grow up with a girl would certainly ruin him. Kate fought against this as much as she possibly could. And it was far more obvious as the years grew on that little Kyle loved to be his younger sister more than anything in the entire world. Their father wouldn't have it. Whenever he could he would have Kyle out in the farm working, and making sure that Kate made absolute sure Kinta was working just as much in the house. But, despite that, Kinta was well loved by both her mother and her older brother. Her mother drowned her in attention, making sure she got everything she possibly needed. Including an education. Of course, Kinta never went to school. Her mother taught her everything she knew instead.

Kinta turned four only days before her younger sister, Crystal was born. Such odd names in this time, but their father was indeed a very odd man himself. Again, he had another daughter. Again he hated her, though a little less than his oldest girl. In fact, as time grew on, his heart softened to his baby girl. Kinta was the only one left out, and she knew it. She hated that everyone else seemed to get all the attention. Everyone but her. She spent most of her time playing with dolls in her room, or playing with her brother, whenever she could, outside. She was often punished for getting her dresses dirty. In the end, her father's anger got the best of her. Of course. She was given a teacher to teach her to be a lady. She hated the person. At first. In the end, however, she began to understand how all of this information could in fact come in handy to her. And she began to learn rather than dream.

Now she was sixteen. Life seemed to be going okay, or as okay as it could ever get for young Kinta. Until her life was turned upside down. Her father announced that she was to get married. Married? That wasn't something she could easily comprehend. Not something she could easily take. Especially since she was to get married to her father's best friend's son. The mean little boy at school. He graduated years ago, in fact. He was in his thirties. And she wasn't about to take. Not it all. She screamed and argued and wasn't about to give in. Of course not. Well, in the end, luck was never going to be on her side. Ever. In one of her tantrums with her father she'd knocked over a few candels, ran into another room, her father following, and soon a fire brook out in the house. By the time they realized, it was far too late. The father burnt the house down along with everyone inside. But, she was still part alive, her heart still beat.

That's when the Volturi found her. They'd actually been watching her when one of the guard informed Aro that she was a very strong human indeed. They knew some of what her power would be when and if she transformed. And now they were given the chance to find out. It was Aro who bit her in the end. Aro who transformed her into a vampire, and Aro she serves.

Newborn Year:


Coven/Pack: Voturi Guard
School: None, says she's homeschooled to anyone who asks
Position: Volturi Guard

Roleplay Sample: