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Title: The Plot
Post by: Kyra Blake on December 02, 2008, 09:56:19 pm
Hi everyone!
Well like with every other roleplay, there should be a plot! So...with that said here's mine:

Seven years have passed since the Valturi last set eyes upon the Cullen family and their friends. Everything seemed to be going perfect. Little Nessie was mature now, and Jacob no longer had to wait. Of course that didn't mean that Edward didn't think otherwise.

But besides the frequent fights with Jake over Nessie, everything seemed to be going fine. Perfect even. Life was finally what everyone wanted it to be. Nessie was an adult. Soon enough wedding bells were going to be in the air. Alice saw it. And Edward's trying to make sure it doesn't happen.

But should they be so wary of everything? Should they go on with this routine? Was everything really as it seemed?

For a total of two years now the Volturi have been hiding a secret that could change the life of all the vampires that sided with the Cullens throughout the long years. A secret that could change both humans, werwolves, and vampire kind forever. But what could it be? It was no secret that the guard was gaining in power. That both Jane and Alec weren't just in the guard anymore, but part of the royalty. And that Aro had been keeping his distance for the past four years...what else could there be?

No one knew that in the end the will of Caius was fractured. Love didn't rule the Volturi. Behind Aro's back, Caius plotted with Marcus. And Jane. And Alec. And soon enough the plans were carried out. Aro could no longer be lead. So. They killed him. In private. And only let on that he was keeping his distance.

So now it was all up to Caius, Marcus, Jane, and Alec...and what wives were left. Sulpicia, Aro's mate,  fled after her mate's death, seeking refuge while planning her own sweet revenge. But only she knew the truth about the new Volture. And their plot to get the Cullens and all those loyal to them. Making humans into vampires, all with special gifts, forking the super race that they hoped will get the Cullens.

For four years the army has grown at an alarming pace. And the Cullens had only one other, Nessie. Sulpicia ran to the Cullen's after four years of hiding. Alice saw her coming. Saw her pleading before she even reached the Cullen residence.

And they took her in their little family to protect her. And began to plan for themselves what they would do.

How could they defeat this impossible army of the Volturi? How will the battle end? Will the Cullens accept more into their already strong family? Grow new ties?

What will your part be in this war?